6th Exposure P.1


“You will leave on September 2019”

It was a loud thud to our ears as the research panel announced to us students that we are yet to leave the city in just a span of days. Unprepared, yet excited–we have come to realize how challenging the days will be as we are not just tasked to go to the our respective adapted communities to do our CHPs alone. This year (and exposure), we will be doing 2 big task: CHP and Research.

The 6th exposure is not different from the previous exposures that we had. During the 5th one which culminated before we had our clerkship (January 2019), we identified the Top 5 problems of our barangay, which include:

  1. Lack of Access to Safe Drinking Water
  2. High Rate of Malnutrition among children below 5 years old
  3. Hypertension and Diabetes
  4. Prevalence of Home-Based Deliveries among mothers
  5. Improper Solid Waste Management

Armed with nothing but dedication and perseverance, we have started some minor activities that enable us to reach the individual goal of each identified problems (5th Exposure (2019)

For this exposure, we continued to conduct activities one step at a time.


1. Water Analysis of the samples obtained from the 3 most commonly used Tabays (spring dug wells)
2. Lecture with Pretest and post test among grade 4, 5, and 6 students of Tuboran Elementary School.
3. Global hand washing day (October 15): A series of activities on hand washing and personal hygiene among grade school students
4. Poster design and lecture on Water safety and purification with the Local Barangay officials 






1. Presentation of proposal at Mayors office and MNAO

H Y P E R – D I A      UPDATES

1. Identification of diabetics through FINDRISC questionnaire

Low risk: 101 Slightly Elevated risk: 35 Moderate Risk: 10 High Risk:2

2. Assessment of adherence to medications through Morisky Medical Adherence Scale-8

Hypertensives: low – 9, moderate -5; no meds-9

Diabetics low -1, high-1 no meds -1

3.  BP taking during Seniors Meeting


1. Updated the number of Facility-based deliveries with house visit and interview



  1. Presentation of proposed plans to the Municipal Council and Barangay Council
  2. establishment of Material Recovery Facilities II.
  3. Checking of the temporary garbage collection points per purok III.
  4. Monitoring of garbage segragation practices and utilization of the garbage pick-up points by the residents via house to house survey


We had so much in store for the barangay and this plans will just be plans unless together, with the local government and the community people, with the guidance of Almighty God, we can achieve a healthier and better Tuboran 🙂



(We also conducted Special classes during this exposure: SPECIAL CLASSES)

The road to being socially accountable doctors