First Exposure

As part of the curriculum, we the students are to be immersed in the community for a month every end of the semester.

The first exposure has the objective of establishing rapport and acquiring secondary data to profile the community.

On our first week, we settle ourselves in the home of the Barangay Captain. We got to know informally the kagawads and purok presidents.

We did a courtesy call with the municipal mayor and met with the PNP Mahayag. We were briefed on the peace and order of the municipality and our respective barangay.

On our second week, we started sourcing out the secondary data from the barangay and the rural health unit. Ocular inspection were also done. We were also invited to join the health services of the health personnels of the barangay: immunization and pre-natal care.

On our third week, we had joined in the purok assemblies to meet the people. Along with this, we had BP check ups. We also did house to house survey in Puroks 1 and 5.

On the fourth week, we visited the elementary school and led the morning hataw during the flag raising ceremony. We also collated the data we gathered. As a culminating activity, we did a barangay hataw and bid farewell to the community.


The road to being socially accountable doctors

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