Farming is the primary source of livelihood of the people in the community. Out of total land area of 545.7424 hectares, 47% of the total land area (300 hectares) is covered with coconuts; 35% are cornfields (225 hectares), 10% are rice fields with 60 hectares being irrigated and 2 hectares non-irrigated, 8% are planted with bananas (30 hectares), and 14 hectares of rubber and other fruit trees which is 2% of the total land area. Residents also invest on livestock and raising pigs. Most produce are sold in the local market place. Bananas, corns and coconuts are being exported outside the municipality

COCONUTS = 300 hectares (47%)                               CORNFIELDS = 225 hectares (35%)

coconut                corn

RICEFIELDS = 62 hectares (10%)                                BANANAS= 30 hectares (8%)

banana                rice

RUBBER = 14 hectares (2%)                                          LIVESTOCK

rubber                 piggy







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