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Ahmad, Al-John
BS Biology, 21

A day never pass by without John belting out his vocal chords. He could be loud then turn tight-lipped the next. He enjoys playing volleyball and street games with the kids in the community. John’s advocacy is primarily on the conservation of environment.

Ballos, Frances Alexandra
BS Biology, 21

She just cannot tone down her voice. Xandy sees to it that she has her phone with her all the time. She envisions that soon the community of Tuboran would be all well-lighted at night and clean potable water reach every household.

Edding, Al-Fahad
BS Nursing, 21

He bleeds coffee. He loves venturing from doing early morning jogs to doing dives onto the cold waters. Fahad believes in boosting the tourism in particular the cold spring resorts located in Tuboran to develop the economy of the community.


Igasan, Wenneira
BS Nursing, 23

She wakes up to emptied beds. Kandees, as she is fondly called, is the team’s photographer. She considers that promoting proper personal hygiene, particularly oral and body hygiene, is an effective prevention of diseases.

Mabale, Fathima
BS Nursing, 21

She’s our kitchen queen, and so great food is served on our plates. Mabs can be often seen arranging stuff as her ‘obsessive-compulsive disorder’ kicks in which keeps our home ordered. Mabs would like to improve the maternal and child health of the community.

Untal, Quennie

BS Nursing, 24
Our bubbly leader, Quennie, never had a lousy morning. She wakes up the earliest and keeps up the on-fleek eyebrows and red lippies. She has a soft spot for the old and believes that their welfare is to be a priority of the community.

Vargas, Catleya
BS Biology, 20

She is the only fluent Bisayan speaker of the team, luckily. Catleya, aside from being an avid anime fan, is obsessed with working out. Her big appetite is unjustified by her petite figure. She believes that a physically fit body is the first step to a healthy community.

Villareal, Leslie Angeline

BS Biology, 21
The girl who just cannot stay idle. She is the team’s treasurer aka record-keeper of everyone’s payables. Geline’s advocacy focuses on the education especially improving the literacy rate of the community.

Zabala, Mark Loven
BS Biology, 24

If it’s not in Merriam’s Dictionary, it can’t be played. He is in every game of Scrabble on our idle time and he remains unbeatable up to date. One of Mark’s priority lies on the safety and security of the people in the community.



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