The people of Tuboran have been accustomed to sourcing out their water from the cold springs surrounding the community. Three of the cold springs have been developed to become resorts by the local families of Fanilag, Mabanag and Eriberta.



Fanilag Spring Resort is the first resort to be encountered entering Purok 4 of the barangay. The resort features a diving board and two pool slides. It offers cottages and a karaoke for visitors. The entrance fee is 15 pesos and an environmental fee of 5 pesos.



          Mabanag Spring Resort lies in between the Fanilag Resort and the farthest Eriberta Resort. Mabanag features four pools and another one under construction. The resort also offers cottages for rent and two karaoke machines for visitors. The entrance fee is 20 pesos and an environmental fee of 5 pesos.



          Eriberta Spring Resort lies along the boundary of the neighbouring barangay Diwan. The resort has the largest landscaped area around the spring with four pools and two slides. Along with cottages and karaoke, the resort also offers rooms priced at 800 pesos per night’s stay. The entrance fee is priced at 35 pesos and a 5-peso for environmental fee.




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